Introducing another Essential style to our cleverly curated Brick System – The Marville Road Denim.

Read the story behind designing our denim and dive into every step of the process together with our founder and designer Jenny Holmén.


”When I design I always want to make every woman be all that she is. No matter the occasion she should be comfortable and feel great with timeless pieces she can wear year after year. And it was from this philosophy I also created our two denim fits, The Wide and The Straight. Adding denim to our world of timeless pieces was the next step in giving the Marville Road woman every piece of the wardrobe puzzle.

I never thought I would design denim, even though I always wanted to combine our Icons & Essential styles with denim to be able to dress them more casually.

But when I got in contact with Gunilla Gunnarsdotter, a great denim pattern constructor, and Paolo Fuligni, who runs one of the finest denim factories in Italy, I couldn't help myself from giving it a try. It's all about the people!"


"I wanted to design two styles to start with, one straight more everyday denim style and one wide-legged style with a 70's feel to it. Both should feel like dressed kind of denim, that can be worn both with a casual T-shirt but also more dressed, to fit well within our concept of being able to use a piece of clothing in many different ways.

The team understood exactly and worked carefully to design just what I wanted. We put the back pockets exactly right to flatter your curves and obtained the shape of the legs just right.

Together with Paolo and his team we found the exact washed blue colour I aimed for, as well as a beautiful leather cognac-coloured leather patch with our logo as well as the matte silver branded button.

Our denim has been created and perfected with so much love, passion, and expertise by the devoted team. I’m so proud to have had the opportunity to work with people that usually partner up with more refined denim brands but who believed in us and what we are doing."

The two fits are designed to flatter and feel comfortable, both inspired by that classic vintage look and in a perfect blue (and as of AW22 in a nice grey) shade. The fabric is made of 98% organic cotton with 2% stretch that will only get softer each year.



Our wide jeans have a high waist and a wider full-length leg that starts widening below the hip to enhance your curves.


Our straight jeans have a normal waist and a full-length straight leg – just the right fit!

We are proud to present to you Marville Road's jeans models for women, The Straight and The Wide denim, which we hope will become true long-lasting Essentials in your wardrobe!